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9TH - 15TH APRIL 2024 



A fantastic fun tour of the Netherlands with some amazing cars and wonderful people


starting from £3,700   


- 6 nights stay in highly opulent hotels 

- spa day inc massage / beer tour day out 

- private tour of factory and lunch at the worlds first flying car company

- Transport to and from uk (ferry and euro tunnel)

-luggage vehicle 

- breakfast

- private dinner 

- luxury gift set 

- detailers to keep cars clean

- car sticker set

- full media coverage 

- detailing supplies 


- vehicle transporting to start line from uk

-vehicle transported from finish in Kortrjik to uk 

- extra rooms 


DAY 1 

after spending the night on the ferry with our own personal cabins, we will Come off the ferry and start the rally from our start line in Rotterdam,


we will then head to PAL-V HQ for a tour and lunch where you will get the chance to see the worlds first flying car, have a go on their flight simulator

we then head to bruges for the first night in a sublime hotel 

brussles _edited.png

day 2 

after relaxing for the evening, we will have a delicious breakfast and then Leave bruges and head to AUTOWORLD in Brussles where we will be able to get some amazing photographs, have lunch and see thousands of incredible cars


once we are done looking around the collection of cars and enjoying the scenery, we will then head to Kortrijk for the second night 

Day 3

today, you will leave your cars at the event ground where they will be detailed and put into the show, ready for the next 2 day massive car show (GR8)

after breakfast, you will be whisked away by our private shuttles to go to either a stunning spa day, where you can relax, and revitalise yourself 

or you will be taken into the centre of Brussles to do a beer and chocolate tour where you will experience the best or Brussels's beers  

Day 4

today you will be able to enjoy the incredible display consisting of the worlds best super, hyper,classic and modified cars at the GR8 International car show. the evening you will be free to do with what you wish, but seeing as there is endless restaurants, bars, and even a huge fair on, fun is guaranteed  

day 5 and 6

today you will get the chance to revisit the show, or relax by the pool in the hotel, looking forward to the dinner in the evening, where we will be hosted in a wonderful setting privately just for us 

the 6th and final day we will pick up our cars and drive home from Kortrijk to the uk which is a short journey where you will be home in time for tea!! 


Thanks for applying, we will be in toutch soon.

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