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Why List Your Car With Us?

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Here at Zach's Garage, we are always looking for new vehicles and venues, so no matter what you have, why not send us a request and let's talk!

  • A great way to earn money from your Vehicle/Venue

  • Have your Vehicle/Venue featured in some amazing places

  • Personal 24/7 contact with one of our team

  • Know your car/s will be in safe hands, as we here at Zach’s Garage have owned and handled our own collection for almost 20 years 

  • We will handle all enquiries from customers, presented to you, our client by your preferred choice of contact 

  • If required, a member of Zach’s Garage staff will accompany your vehicle on its job as a point of contact

  • We have contacts throughout multiple industries, and can assist with getting your car the right access to jobs

  • Your car or venue will appear on our monthly newsletter when you join, sent out to all our registered members

  • Receive special discounts across multiple car products 

  • Only £50.00 per year listing fee per vehicle

Become a part of our ever growing clients base, and part of the Zach’s Garage family, alongside some of the greatest cars and venues in the world!

List With Us

Please fill out the form and we will be in touch soon.

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