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We conquer Britain! Well... the talent show at least

A few months ago we were approached to source four small vehicles for ITV's incredible popular show Britain's Got Talent, and immediately we knew the cars for the job, none other than our own Peel P50, F1 Renault Twizzy, but we still needed two more cars. Reaching out through our ever-growing list of registered vehicles to Zach's Garage LTD and everyone involved, we managed to source another two standard Twizzy's which were perfect for what ITV needed.

We invite you all to watch this short but hilarious scene of all the four cars in action whizzing through London streets on their way to the red carpet. (Don't worry, the Peel survived... just)

If you, a friend or family member have a car or venue that you think could be used in the film/TV industry or perhaps weddings, please do get in contact today and we'll be happy to assist.

Don't forget to drop us a follow across all of our socials to keep up to date with the latest from Zach's Garage LTD!

Kind regards,

The Zach's Garage Team

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