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New for 2024, for the first time ever we are opening the doors of our private automotive collection to selected guests. The museum feature's some of the most iconic cars and vehicles, alongside a huge collection of memorabilia curated over many years that showcases some of the most poignant times in the motoring world.

At Zach's Garage there is something for everyone, from the most technologically advanced hypercars, our vast pre-war collection, some odd and wonderful, and even a pair of loveable Donkeys... the list goes on!

Don't miss the opportunity to get tickets for the first open day of 2024

DATE - January 21st 2024

Doors will be open from 9:00 AM to 14:30 PM

TICKETS - £35 for 1 car with 2 people

                       £45 for 1 car with 3 - 4 people


(An exact location will be provided upon ticket purchase)

Food/Amenities Information

The Pit Stop Cafe will be open to sell hot and cold beverages, and the garage has both male/female toilet facilities. 

There will also be ZG merchandise available on site!


We have upwards of 70 vehicles from 1903 all the way to current day, with such cars as Koenigsegg's, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Lagonda's and many more!
Zach's Garage _ Icon & Pre-War Garage-4096x3072-Snapshot.JPG

Guest cars 

Each time we have an open day, we intend on having a special guest car in the garage. 

This could by an extra hypercar, famous movie car, who knows... but keep an eye out as the guest car may be something never before seen!
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